About Us

Over 4000 nurses from more than 100 countries have accessed services and supports at CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses since 2001. CARE Centre is a not-for-profit professional organization funded by the Ontario Government and the Government of Canada. 

Dr. Ruth Lee, CARE Centre Executive Director

CARE Centre provides IENs with the one-on-one case management, language and communication skills, exam preparation, professional development, mentoring and networking to be successful in the nursing profession. CARE Centre recognizes the value of nurses with diverse education and experience and is committed to supporting them for their full contribution to Ontario’s health care system. CARE Centre for IENs is a registered charity (Charitable Number 84420 5948 RR0001).

Our Vision

CARE Centre will be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in supporting Internationally Educated Nurses to achieve nursing registration and integration into the Canadian workforce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Internationally Educated Nurses with a focused and personalized continuum of service to support them to be successful.

Our Values

Using these values as a framework we are committed to providing exemplary service in all program areas to assist Internationally Educated Nurses to enter the nursing profession across Canada:

  • Showing Respect in all of our relationships with our colleagues and clients.
  • Encouraging Teamwork that clearly values collaboration & input towards organizational success.
  • Emphasizing Accountability at both the staff and board level.
  • Focusing on Professionalism in all we do.
  • Showing understanding and Compassion to all those we work with and those we serve.
  • Championing the Diversity of our clients by reflecting it in a culturally competent organization.

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