CELBAN Preparation and Orientation

In Class
Price: $495  Duration: 54 hours  Note: Requires case manager approval

This 54 hour course is designed to orient participants to the CELBAN test and provide practice in each task area of the CELBAN test. Communication objectives include: speaking and listening skills for client assessments, health teaching, and interacting with colleagues; reading and listening strategies to focus on key information from healthcare resources and interactions; writing […]

Effective Communication Strategies for Nurses (ECSN)

In Class
Price: $200  Duration: 60 hours  Note: Requires case manager approval

This 60 hour communication program focused on enhancing effective communication skills for the workplace.  The course is comprised of 4 distinct modules designed to enhance effective communication skills in the workplace.  IENs will build nurses confidence and skills in Effective Telephone Skills; Intercultural Communication; Communicating with Clients and Family; Interprofessional Collaboration.

Exam Preparation and Review

In Class
Price: $475  Duration: 60 hours  Note: Requires case manager approval

All applicants to the College of Nurses of Ontario must successfully complete the registration examination for their nursing designation, RN or RPN. If you are applying to practice as an RN, you will write the NCLEX-RN. If you are applying to practice as an RPN, you will write the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE). […]


External,In Class
Price: $0  Duration: 6 hours  

The Institutional CELBAN (iCELBAN), is a requirement of membership at CARE Centre.  iCELBAN results are used by case managers to assist IENs in developing individualized plans to improve overall language proficiency as they move toward registration with CNO.   In addition, the iCELBAN assessment allows participants to have a test-taking experience that closely mirrors the official […]

IENCAP/OSCE Preparation

In Class
Price: $550  Duration: 48 hours  Note: Requires case manager approval

This preparation course, including competency review, clinical scenarios & multiple choice questions, is designed to provide IENs preparing to complete the College of Nurses of Ontario’s IENCAP, with the tools needed for success.  The course includes: comprehensive resource materials; practice opportunities for therapeutic communication, professionalism, client interactions, ethics and language proficiency utilizing Touchstone trained standardized […]

Language & Communication for Nurses (LCN)

In Class
Price: $0  Duration: 192 hours  

Since 2005 CARE Centre has been providing occupational specific language and communication courses to IENs designed to address the unique need of immigrant nurses. The primary objective of this curriculum is to develop IENs communicative aptitude within the context of the nursing profession in Canada.  The curriculum was developed, and has been maintained by language […]