Language & Communication for Nurses (LCN)

Language & Communication for Nurses (LCN)

Price: $0  Duration: 192 hours  

Since 2005 CARE Centre has been providing occupational specific language and communication courses to IENs designed to address the unique need of immigrant nurses. The primary objective of this curriculum is to develop IENs communicative aptitude within the context of the nursing profession in Canada.  The curriculum was developed, and has been maintained by language specialists and nursing subject matter experts.

The CARE Centre Language & Communication for Nurses (LCN) courses are comprised of a total of 192 hours of curriculum.  The curriculum targets high stakes communication challenges; is highly communicative; and makes extensive use of multimedia materials which makes it particularly effective in addressing the language and communication needs of IENs.  Specific communication issues experienced by IENs in a health care setting are addressed throughout the courses.  These issues include: assessing a client, reporting to colleagues, explaining illnesses and procedures, telephone skills, documentation, and intercultural communication, nurse-client interviews, intraprofessional communication, and communicating with client family members. 

Course activities allow for a high degree of interactivity among students and between students and the instructor. These activities include role plays, communication tasks, discussions, pronunciation practice, language structure analysis and vocabulary learning.

All of the CARE Centre language courses make use of multi-media materials. This includes audio, video and internet based activities. The video component of the courses is particularly effective; the short video clips capture interactions as close to real-life as possible. All dialogues, whether audio or video, were vetted by nursing experts for authenticity. Some of the multi-media materials are used in class; the rest is used in an on online learning environment in which students can listen to, practice and record dialogues.

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