Wound Care 2

Wound Care 2

Price: $25  Duration: 3 hours  

By the end of this workshop you will be able to

  • Identify and differentiate the different types of wounds :Pressure Ulcer, Skin Tears, Venus Leg Ulcer, Arterial Ulcer, Diabetic Foot
  • Describe the stages of wound healing
  • Apply wound dressings and different wound dressing products for different types of wounds

NB: Clients are encouraged to register in the Observational Job Shadowing Program (OJS) if you are interested in extending the learning you received in class. The OJS placement will last 3 full shifts and will be offered in an acute setting. Please note that you will be exposed to all the nursing activities that happen during the shift. This will also be your chance to network and ask any questions you may have to the expert nurse.
A certificate of participation will be issued upon completion.

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