Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

An important part of the CNO application process for all IENs is determining program equivalency, a non-exemptible requirement for registration. The CNO evaluates RN candidates on their educational background to determine if their previous studies have equipped them with the nursing knowledge, skill and judgment equal to that of a recent graduate of an Ontario RN nursing program. If the CNO determines that an applicant does not meet the program requirement, then they will be asked to complete an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). There is a $200 administrative fee that will be refunded after providing proof of completion of the OSCE.

Administered at the Centre for the Evaluation of Health Professionals Educated Abroad (CEHPEA) in Toronto, the OSCE gives applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their nursing knowledge and skills. The OSCE is completed over a four-hour period at CEHPEA’s offices in Toronto. After about two months, the applicant will receive their results, which will either allow them to write the registration exam, or direct them to a course of study for identified gaps, or if assessed with significant deficiencies in skills and knowledge, the college will advise them of other options. The OSCE consists of a short, written multiple-choice exam that tests general nursing knowledge, and a series of mock client examinations in a clinical setting. The blueprint for the OSCE is based on the National Competencies in the Context of Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practice.

For questions about the examination itself, including upcoming testing dates and directions to the testing centre, contact CEHPEA at 416 924-8622 or email info@cehpea.ca.

(adapted from the CNO website: cno.org/become-a-nurse/about-registration/entry-to-practice-examinations/observational-structure-clinical-examination-osce/).