Evidence of Practice Program

Supervised Self-Directed Evidence of Practice Program

This experience is designed to offer IENs who have met all other registration requirements the opportunity to update their practice to meet the “Evidence of Practice” registration requirement through an enhanced supervised experience, to become familiar with the Ontario practice environment and culture, and to work with persons and communities of diverse backgrounds, ages, degrees of health/illness and in a variety of contexts.

Evidence of Practice Experience (IEN-SSEOPE) Update:

CARE Centre is pleased to announce that the CNO passed a motion approving the IEN-SSEOPE as an additional practice experience that will satisfy the Registration Committee that an RN or RPN applicant who has been out of practise for 5 years or less has demonstrated the required current nursing knowledge, skill and judgement to meet the evidence of practice requirement. Future dates will be announced once CARE has negotiated opportunities with employer partners.

Evidence of Practice experience information Video:

Self-Directed Evidence of Practice Experience (SSEOPE): Employer Information Video

CARE members contact your Case Manager to discuss your application.

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