What we do

A bridge training program funded by the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada, CARE Centre works closely with educational partners and others to provide internationally educated nurses with services and supports that are unique to their educational and professional needs.


Nursing specific courses to prepare you for your nursing career in Canada, workplace communication courses at CARE are specially designed for internationally educated nurses and are available to CARE members.

vert-exam_prepExam Preparation

Participating in a CARE Centre Exam Preparation course is an integral part of a CARE member’s journey to registration with the College of Nurses or Ontario. Exam Prep at CARE features 12 intensive days and includes a mock examination.


CARE Centre provides a variety of workshops to members. These range from Employment Strategies to Community Health, to CPR training. Many workshops are in partnership with community groups, industry professionals and alumni members.

vert-job_shadowingObservational Job Shadowing

Observational Job Shadowing is a free, unique opportunity that aims to increase understanding of the role and scope of practice of a nurse in a particular health care setting and the language and culture of the Canadian workplace.