Observational Job Shadowing

CARE Centre’s Observational Job Shadowing (OJS) is a unique learning opportunity for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) who are CARE Centre members to be partnered with an expert nurse through two to three work shifts and observe first-hand the nursing profession in Ontario. It aims to increase the understanding of IENs about the role and scope of practice of a nurse in a particular health care setting and get them more acquainted with the language and culture of the Canadian workplace.

What is the difference between OJS and clinical practice/practicum?

OJS is strictly observational with no direct hands-on patient care. It also has a shorter duration, typically ranging from two to three shifts. Clinical practice/practicum involves hands-on patient care for 200 hours or more under the supervision of a clinical instructor. Some nursing schools offer this but there are usually a number of prerequisite courses required.


CARE Centre members who meet OJS requirements are eligible to join CARE Centre’s OJS program at any stage of their journey to registration

OJS Mandatory Requirements
  • OJS application form
  • Detailed learning plan
  • Completed Nursing in Ontario, LCN 1 or successful exam or Registration as RN/ RPN
  • CoursePark WHMIS for Healthcare Personnel and Standard Precautions certificates
  • Immunization records
  • CPR/ BCLS Level C for HCP
  • Mask Fit testing
  • Police check
  • Current resume
  • Paid accident insurance
How to Apply
    Step 1 – Get an application package from your case manager.
    Step 2 – Fill out application form and complete all requirements.
    Step 3 – Submit application form and provide copies of required documents to your CARE Centre case manager.
    Step 4 – After verifying your documents, CARE Centre’s OJS Coordinator will schedule you to attend the next OJS registration/orientation session.
How long does it take to arrange a placement?

It usually takes one to three months to arrange a placement so it is advisable to submit your application with complete requirements early. Speak with your case manager for the next OJS placement cycle.

Participating Facilities

The OJS Coordinator will provide a list of participating health care facilities at the registration/orientation session. We will first try to arrange a placement in your preferred facility. If it is not available, we will try your second choice. If you have completed a placement and would like to do another one, you need to apply for the next OJS cycle and pay the OJS insurance premium again.

Cancelling your Application

Please be mindful that a lot of effort is spent to arrange a placement. However, if you become unavailable to participate, please advise the OJS Coordinator of your decision to cancel as early as possible.