Workplace Transition Program

With the goal of improving recruitment and retention of IENs, CARE Centre has developed a new Workplace Transition Program (WTP). The focus of the program is to provide supports and resources for IENs and their employers in overcoming challenges during recruitment, orientation and transition/integration. The WTP components can be facilitated as a full package of courses and services, or taken individually. The WTP components include:

Facilitating IEN Talent Recruitment:

Job Posting Platform to target IENs – free service for employers
Candidate pre-screening – targeted assistance

Nursing Readiness Assessment Tool:
  • Sector-specific automated diagnostic tool to identify learning goals
  • Assists with developing customized orientation and professional development
Effective Communication Strategies for Nurses (ECSN):

4 modules, 15 hours each (plus 1-2 hours of online homework): Onsite – in person or through video teleconferencing

  • Effective Telephone Skills
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Effective Communication with Clients and Family
  • Interprofessional Collaboration & Communication
Transition Support Package for IENs:
  • Transition Support Modules for IENs: 4 modules, 5 hours each (includes 1-2 hours of online preparation)
  • Workplace Diversity Workshop for Managers & Staff Advocates

For more information contact:
Joanne Roth, West Program Manager
Phone: (905) 521-1777 x. 301