WTP Workshops- IENs

IEN  Workplace Transition Support Workshop


As part of the WTP program, CARE Centre offers IENs with a 2-day workplace transition supports (WTS) workshop specific to IENs. The IEN WTS workshop comprised of 4 modules that are designed to: 88

  • Provides the knowledge/skills/strategies and resources to effectively transition and provide culturally-competent care in a diverse workplace
  • Strengthens the practical knowledge/skills/strategies required to provide safe, ethical and legal nursing care in Ontario & Highlights professionalism in social media
  • Equips IENs with the practical knowledge/skills/strategies and confidence necessary to: build relational practice, provide leadership, and effectively manage conflicts
  • Enables IENs to succeed in providing inter/professional practice while utilizing ‘client/family-centredness’ philosophy/approach

Current Available IEN Workplace Transition Workshops