WTP- Workshops

Workplace Transition Support Modules


CARE Centre has recently launched a new program called, Workplace Transition Program (WTP) to facilitate the recruitment and retention of Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs), who are a talented human resource pool, in Ontario. This program aims to take the stress out of hiring and transitioning new staff from diverse population giving employers the tools and confidence to get it right every time.

IENs Workplace Transition Support Workshop


As part of the WTP program, CARE Centre offers IENs with a 2-day workplace transition supports (WTS) workshop specific to IENs. The IEN WTS workshop comprised of 4 modules that are designed to:

  • Provides the knowledge/skills/strategies and resources to effectively transition and provide culturally-competent care in a diverse workplace
  • Strengthens the practical knowledge/skills/strategies required to provide safe, ethical and legal nursing care in Ontario & Highlights professionalism in social media
  • Equips IENs with the practical knowledge/skills/strategies and confidence necessary to: build relational practice, provide leadership, and effectively manage conflicts
  • Enables IENs to succeed in providing inter/professional practice while utilizing ‘client/family-centredness’ philosophy/approach

Please click here to view and register for all available IEN Workplace Transition Workshops.

Employer Workplace Transition Support Workshop


As part of the WTP program, CARE Centre offers employers in different regions with a 2-4 hours workshop on workplace transition supports (WTS) specific to employers. The Employer WTs workshop is designed to:

  • Delineate and explore ways to diversify and empower your team of workforce using cultural competence approach;
  • Examine issues being experienced by employers in workplace and explore culturally-competent and practical ways to recruit and retain staff from diverse groups;
  • Raise awareness about IENs as talented pool of HHR, and about the MOHLTC’ Nursing Career Orientation (NCO) initiative specific to IENs recruitment
  • Explore ways to set up or evolve customized recruitment and orientation/transition programs for new hires from diverse population;
  • Prepare participants to provide continuous and periodic training to own staff, using the train-the trainer approach.

Should you believe your organization/region benefits from such a workshop, please contact Hossein Khalili, the Employer Engagement Lead, at hkhalili@care4nurses.org to set up a workshop at your region.

Please click here to view and register for all available Employer Workplace Transition Workshops.