WTP- Workshops- March 9th/11th

Workplace Transition Support Modules for IENs


Are you in the process of obtaining your nursing license and transitioning into Canadian workforce?

Interested in exchanging ideas and insights & learning how to successfully & smoothly transition into workplace?

Please Join Us for a wonderful 2-day workshop on March 9th and 11th!

 The Workshop will covers the following four Modules:

  • Module 1: Workplace Diversity, cultural competence & early transitional issues ( FREE ) 
    • Provides the knowledge/skills/strategies and resources to effectively transition and provide culturally-competent care in a diverse workplace
  • Module 2: Legal and ethical professional obligations in physical and digital worlds
    • Strengthens the practical knowledge/skills/strategies required to provide safe, ethical and legal nursing care in Ontario & Highlights professionalism in social media
  • Module 3: Relational practice, bullying and conflict management
    • Equips IENs with the practical knowledge/skills/strategies and confidence necessary to:
      • build relational practice, provide leadership, and effectively manage conflicts
  • Module 4: Interprofessional collaborative client/family-centred practice
    • Enables IENs to succeed in providing inter/professional practice while utilizing ‘client/family-centredness’ philosophy/approach

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Workshop Date & Time:  March 9th & 11th 9a.m ‑5p.m                 

Location: Peel Office & Via OTN in Toronto, Hamilton & London

Registration Fee: 1st module for free & $25 for each other module

Registration Due: February 29th at 4pm

Number of Modules Required