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Courses & Workshops

As a CARE Centre member you will have access to a wide variety of workshops and preps courses. We offer a breadth of learning opportunities, developed and delivered by both CARE Centre staff and external facilitators. Preparation and review courses such as IENCAP / OSCE Preparation and RPN Exam Reviews are offered throughout the year.


CELBAN Orientation and Preparation: This in-person course is designed to orient participants to the CELBAN assessment and provide practice in each test task. Communication objectives include: speaking and listening skills for client assessments, health teaching and interacting with colleagues; reading and listening strategies to focus on key information from healthcare resources and interactions; writing styles, structures and formats relevant to reporting and documentation; communicating opinions, giving advice and responding to objections in the Canadian nursing context.  

IENCAP / OSCE Preparation: This preparation course involves competency review, communication skills development, clinical scenarios & multiple choice questions. The course is designed to provide IENs preparing to complete the College of Nurses of Ontario’s IENCAP with the tools needed for success, including: comprehensive resource materials; opportunities to practice therapeutic communication, professionalism & ethics in interactions with standardized patients; multiple choice tests, including a review of the rationales, orienting participants to legal and ethical nursing standards; and extensive one-to-one feedback.

RPN Exam Review: This course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the CPNRE competencies, as well as nursing roles and responsibilities in the Canadian healthcare contexts. Practice questions are designed to reflect these competencies, and instruction includes effective test-taking techniques, knowledge review, and response rationale. This course has been developed to offer both online and in-person study formats.


• Navigating the New RPN Exam
• Preparing for the Jurisprudence Exam
• Competency Assessment Supplement (CAS) Workshop


Nursing Communication Foundations (NCF): Participants pace their own learning in this online, self-directed course, with modules in four key areas for communicating as a nurse in Canada: Vocabulary, Grammar, Communication and Culture.  

Effective Communication Strategies for Nurses (ECSN): This course focuses on enhancing effective communication skills for the workplace. The course is comprised of 4 distinct modules: Effective Telephone Skills, Intercultural Communication, Communicating with Clients and Family, and Interprofessional Collaboration. In-class instruction involves scenario-based learning, authentic audio and video resources, written assignments, oral assessments and instructor feedback.

Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking Skills for Language Proficiency in Nursing: This online program supports language and communication skills development, strategies for test success and workplace readiness. This course package has been built from existing CARE Centre CELBAN Orientation and Preparation course content, as well as newly developed activities and resources to meet current IEN needs. The course also involves assessment materials from the Institutional CELBAN (iCELBAN)


 • Professional Communication Skills: Email Writing
• Telephone Skills in the Nursing Context

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