Supervised Practice Experience

Following CARE Centre’s successful “Internationally Educated Nurses Self-Directed Evidence of Practice Experience” initiative, the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) has announced The Supervised Practice Experience Partnership (SPEP), a partnership program between the CNO, Ontario Health (OH) and CNO-approved organizations. 
For CARE Centre, the innovative development and implementation of the IEN-SSEOPE, and its subsequent systemic integration, was hugely rewarding and afforded a highly skilled, diverse group of nurses the opportunity to complete their registration journeys and join the Ontario nursing workforce. The resources of the CNO and OH will now ensure this initiative is available to eligible applicants across the province.By participating in the program, eligible applicants will have an opportunity to meet their evidence of practice and/or language proficiency requirements to enter practice as a nurse.
Interested in participating?

To learn more about the program requirements and how you can participate.