Arundeep Dhadwal

Arundeep Dhadwal, RN, IEN from India

I‘d never imagined it would be so hard. I had all these plans, so many goals. But my contacts turned out not to be of much help. People change. It was tough. Then I went to CARE Centre and was so impressed, I signed up. My case manager pushed me when I was ready to give up. They helped me prepare for the Registered Nurse exam. There’s an amazing nurse instructor, Lindy Lewis, and CARE arranged for her to teach us. She even came to my convocation. Who does that? They knew how I was struggling, how important it was for me to pass that exam. Having a teacher believe in you is very motivating. It pumps up your belief in yourself, makes you think you can achieve your dreams. This nursing license is a lifetime thing — you have to give it the required time to earn it. Now at my job I am in charge of all procedures. I monitor the patients, they are my responsibility.