CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses Celebrates 113 New Ontario Nurses

CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) is one of Ontario’s first government-funded bridge training programs, founded in 2001 and now serving clients from Windsor to Kingston. CARE Centre is funded by the Ontario Government as a non-profit professional organization and registered charity. Each year CARE Centre recognizes its member IENs for successfully passing their registration exams. This year, 113 IENs are graduating from the CARE Centre program to become registered nurses and registered practical nurses in the province. They are closer to their dreams of becoming RNs and RPNs in the Province of Ontario.

“Our member IENs overcome incredible barriers and challenges to pursue their dream of nursing in Ontario,’ said Executive Director Dr. Ruth Lee. “We are grateful for the continuing support of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Hon. Laura Albanese for funding CARE Centre and sharing our vision of a more inclusive nursing workforce for Ontario. Each and every one of these nurses should be celebrated for reaching an important milestone on their journey to becoming a nurse in Ontario. Their determination to re-establish their nursing careers inspires all of us at CARE Centre to continue evolving as an organization to meet their needs.”

Over 3,600 nurses from more than 140 countries have accessed services and supports at CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) since 2001. CARE Centre provides IENs with one-on-one case management, language and communication skills, exam preparation, professional development, mentoring and networking to be successful in the nursing profession. CARE Centre recognizes the value of nurses with diverse education and experience and is committed to their full contribution to Ontario healthcare. CARE Centre receives tax-receipted donations through CanadaHelps (Charitable Number 84420 5948 RR0001).