Mentorship Programs – WeRPN

Mentorship Program in collaboration with WeRPN

CARE Centre is delighted to offer the Virtual Mentorship Program to all our members in collaboration with our 16 Observational Job Shadowing employer partners across Ontario. As we launch our 20th anniversary, we would like to welcome WeRPN in a joint partnership in delivering mentorship program to our member IENs. Both organizations have active mentorship programs and will be working together to ensure IENs will be successful in meeting their learning and career goals. In this partnership, CARE Centre will be referring eligible IENs to WeRPNs Mentorship program.

Purpose of Virtual Mentoring:
– Through this mentoring relationship, IENs will learn certain nursing specific topics including the role and scope of  practice of a RPN within the practice setting and as member of an Interprofessional healthcare team.

Time Commitment:
– Length of the mentorship is for 1 month (1-2 hour meeting per week for 4 weeks) via telephone and/ or other  electronic means
– The expert nurse (mentor) and IEN (mentee) will arrange the schedule that is mutually agreeable to both parties.

Eligibility requirements:
– CARE Centre member who is a current member of WeRPN (with student or regular membership)
– Completed the WeRPN mentee profile form
– Completed the CARE Centre virtual mentoring application, agreement form, learning plan, and completion of specific      coursepark courses

How to apply:
– Contact your CARE Centre case manager or Lourdes Vicente, Case Manager and Mentorship Program Lead for details

 Expert Nurse (Mentor) NICHOLAS FOX, RN and IEN (Mentee) Khajima Kambal

Expert Nurse (Mentor) Genesis Suelto, RN and IEN (Mentee) Princess Dianne Rabino, RN