Request for Proposals: Program & Structure Review

Date of Issue: December 5, 2011

Proposal Due Date: December 22, 2011


CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) is celebrating 10 years of supporting IENs back into practice. More than 1,000 nurses from more than 140 countries have found rewarding regulated employment as registered nurses and registered practical nurses after completing their customized CARE Centre plan for success. CARE Centre was one of the first Internationally Educated Professional (IEP) bridging programs funded by the Government of Ontario and has gone on to become a model for many bridging programs supporting internationally educated individuals from various regulated professions.

As a first step to re-entering the nursing profession, CARE Centre helps IENs review their assessment of credentials by the College of Nurses of Ontario, the regulatory body. Members receive a Nursing Readiness Assessment, and benefit from CARE Centre’s own Language
and Communication for Nurses classes and Exam Preparation course. Each member receives individualized case management to help them with study-work-life balance, especially important to IENs juggling young families.

CARE Centre’s partnerships with academic institutions has helped tailor curriculum particularly beneficial to IENs, another example of how CARE Centre has led the way in providing leadership to organizations supporting skilled immigrants in gaining Canadian qualifications. CARE Centre also offers Observational Job Shadowing, allowing IENs to observe Expert Nurses in a variety of health care settings to learn on-the-job skills. CARE Centre has offices in Toronto, Hamilton, Peel Region, London, Windsor and is soon to be expanded to Kingston, Ontario.


At various stages of its development, CARE Centre has undergone evaluations. The last one was in August 2009, when a comprehensive evaluation of its programs and services was carried out. In April 2010, a Feasibility Study for CARE’s expansion was completed and the Board of Directors approved recommendations to expand to Peel Region, Windsor and Kingston. The Board of Directors also gave a directive to ensure that the increased growth and geographic dispersion did not put the organization at risk; that the necessary systems and structures were
put in place so that the quality of services and partnerships in each of the locales was not compromised.

Over the last 18 months, various steps have been undertaken to develop the organization further at all levels – including program delivery, management as well as governance. There is a need to take stock to ensure that there is alignment between all these levels as well as adherence to best practices in the not for profit sector. CARE Centre’s next funding cycle is expected to begin on January 1, 2013. The findings and recommendations from this process will be especially relevant for CARE to prioritize key areas of focus for its next 3 year program cycle.

Scope of Program & Structure Review:

CARE Centre is interested in engaging with consultants who will be creative, flexible and experienced in reviewing programs and structures and in working with diverse groups. We are interested in a sensitive and constructive approach that identifies some of the critical
gaps that need to be addressed to further strengthen the organization at the program, management and governance levels.

Some of CARE Centre’s thinking about this review has been influenced by standards and processes set by organizations such as Accreditation Canada, Building Healthy Organizations and the newer Organizational Standards Initiative for the immigrant serving sector. To this date, CARE Centre has not participated in any such assessment. However we recognize the value of going through such an objective and systematic process of review with the assistance of an external team.

Specific activities during this review might include:

  • Background research on options for frameworks and standards appropriate for CARE Centre’s review of Programs & Structures
  • Work with the Program & Structure Review Team to consider the options and establish the framework and set of standards for this project.
  • Work with management & staff teams to gather relevant background information
  • Identify key stakeholders and establish a process and schedule for collecting data
  • Analyse data and produce a draft report that includes a feedback loop process for Program & Structure Review Team input
  • Produce final report and report results including recommendations to the executive director
  • Travel to other satellite locations as necessary


  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in performing reviews and evaluations using participatory based methodology in a non-profit community-based environment
  • Demonstrated experience in development and management of healthy programs and organizations.
  • Experience with facilitating review and evaluation processes that promote continuous learning for the organization.
  • Familiarity with the Organizational Standards Initiative of OCASI, the BHO or Accreditation Canada’s standards and processes.
  • Capacity to produce high-quality material in easy to read, easy to understand formats and in a timely manner

Submission requirements:

All proposals will be treated in confidence. Proposals should be succinct, easy to follow and include the following:

  • A narrative, not to exceed 5 pages, of your approach to the project that reflects your understanding of its scope and outlines why your expertise and qualifications are a good fit for the project
  • A budget and work plan that take into account the deliverables and timelines outlined above. This work plan should include the identification of any issues/challenges for its implementation.
  • Other expectations you may have that are not addressed in the Request for Proposals
  • Brief CVs of all team members and an indication of the contribution of each person to the project
  • Names of three individuals who can provide references for you, addressing your ability to complete conceptual, high quality work, on time and on budget.
  • The maximum allowable budget for this review is $40,000. The final report of the review is due May 15, 2012.

A bidders’ meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 14th, 11:30 a.m. at 45 Sheppard Ave East, Ste 512. Please pre-register for this meeting with Cory Leblanc, Please submit your proposal by sending electronic copies to

Deadline for proposals: 5pm, December 22, 2011.