Vladi Struchkov

Vladi Struchkov RN, MHSc, IEN from Kyrghyzstan, CARE Centre board member

In the summer of 2005, inspired to start a new life in Canada, I made the decision to emigrate from my home to this beautiful and culturally diverse country. I felt very frustrated, because so many IENs like me were manipulated by private exam prep companies, wasting so much time and money, and were still totally unprepared for the CRNE. I found information about CARE Centre and the next day I contacted them. They invited me to meet with a case manager to see how they could help. Before meeting my case manager, I was feeling lost and insecure about my future in Canada. She listened to my personal story, asking me questions regarding my career plans. She was very client-focused, and had the gift of always making me feel surrounded in a warm and encouraging atmosphere. She gave me a brief introduction on what type of support CARE Centre could provide and gave recommendations on how to achieve my goals. I felt “Finally I’m in good hands!” CARE Centre was genuinely interested in my success and was ready to support me all the way through to meaningful employment.