Yemewedish Daemo

2011 Valedictorian Yemewedish Daemo, RN, IEN from Ethiopia

Back home in Ethiopia, I was a respected nurse; women desperately needed my assistance. When we came here, things became more complicated. There was a time when people doubted my competency in nursing. I was told to go back to my country and not to waste my time. I came across CARE and met with my case manager. She became my coach, mentor, advisor and also an activist for me. If it weren’t for CARE I wouldn’t be a registered nurse. In the first week, my daughter told her teacher and all her classmates that her mommy was an RN. I realized that my registration as a nurse was beyond a professional dream. It was a source of pride for my kids. I was able to meet their needs and also set standards for my children who are going to build the Canada of tomorrow.