Service Charter

Respect, Honesty Accountability Professionalism, Confidentiality, Teamwork, Compassion

CARE Centre Commits to:

  • treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • being sensitive to the diverse cultural backgrounds of our members
  • being responsible and accountable for the direction we provide
  • ensuring all services are accessible to all members
  • responding to all telephone and email inquiries within 3 working days
  • having a Case Manager contact the potential new member within two weeks after attending an information session
  • upholding all legislative requirements related to confidentiality and the protection of personal information
  • providing an alternate contact when the assigned case manager/instructor is on vacation or absent
  • ensuring our staff remains current on trends and developments in the healthcare and immigration sectors
  • responding to complaints in a timely manner as outlined in CARE Centre’s Client Complaint procedure

CARE Centre asks members to:

  • treat others with courtesy and respect
  • honour the diverse cultural backgrounds of all staff and colleagues at CARE Centre
  • identify their needs clearly
  • provide us with all requested information so we can provide better assistance
  • be open to learning from and sharing with others
  • be prompt for appointments and classes, respond to phone or email messages
  • comply with CARE Centre’s confidentiality and privacy policy
  • keep commitments and be attentive to meeting Canadian standards of practice

CARE Centre will strive to increase client awareness about the organization’s Service Charter through various methods.