CELBAN @ CARE Centre: Practice for the iCELBAN Test before 2016 Test Dates!

Are you considering options for fulfilling your language proficiency requirement? The CELBAN test is designed specifically for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) to meet language proficiency requirements. In preparing for the CELBAN, you also prepare for your nursing career in Canada. Do you need an opportunity to experience what the CELBAN test is like before your official test date? The Institutional CELBAN, or iCELBAN, is now available at CARE Centre. The iCELBAN assessment allows participants to have a test-taking experience that closely mirrors the official CELBAN test, complete with feedback and scoring to evaluate your readiness for the official test. Results will be available within 10 days of test completion.

Are you interested in other programs to help you prepare for the CELBAN test and for nursing practice in Canada? The iCELBAN test is also a mandatory pre-assessment criterion for entry into CARE Centre’s CELBAN Preparation and Orientation Course. Based on your performance on the iCELBAN test day, you will receive a recommendation regarding your suitability for this eight-week course. Please contact Robina at 416-226-2800 ext. 221 for upcoming iCELBAN test dates and additional information on CARE Centre’s CELBAN Preparation and Orientation Course.