Online Communication

A. Nursing Communication Foundations (NCF) – (48 hours, self-directed)

The Nursing Communication Foundations course is designed for nurses with an English language proficiency level of Canadian Language Benchmark 5 and 6. The course requires a minimum of 35 hours of independent study time. The course helps students develop online learning proficiency and improve computer skills, which is ‘must-have’ knowledge for the profession in Canada –  and take their first steps toward Canadian workplace readiness.

During the course students hone personal vocabulary, grammar and communication skills to use for future study. The course is composed of  four parts:

  • Vocabulary Foundations: learn and review words that are specific to nursing and health care.
  • Grammar Foundations: learn the fundamentals of English grammar as applied to a nursing context.
  • Communication Foundations: listen to dialogues from common situations nurses encounter in healthcare settings and answer questions related to  the information you hear.
  • Cultural Foundations: review different scenarios in which culture, not language and not medicine, is the main communication challenge.

B. Enhanced Nursing Communication Skills (ENCS) – (35 hours, self-directed)

This course is designed to assist IENs in developing effective communication skills for use in a healthcare setting, by building on the learnings from Nursing Communication Foundations (NCF).    

Curriculum content:

  1. Verbal and non-verbal cross-cultural communication.
  2. Written communication.
  3. Canadian nursing vocabulary and abbreviations.
  4. Inter-professional practice.
  5. Dialogue/communication within the healthcare team.
  6. Health teaching.
  7. Health assessment.
  8. Documentation and reporting.
  9. Therapeutic communication.
  10. Nurse/client interviews.
  11. Conflict resolution.

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